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So you volunteered to be Team Parent, Now What?

The following information will get you on the right track so do not worry. You will find the time you put in for volunteering as Team Parent rewarding and fun. Generally speaking, the Team Parent’s duties and responsibilities are to do the administrative tasks for the team which will allow the coach to concentrate on coaching, the players and team development.

  • Team Parent Meeting – Attend the Team Parent meeting and receive information to pass on to the coach and parents. At this meeting you will have the chance to discuss the Team Parent role, gain additional knowledge about how to be an effective Team Parent and schedules, and meet other Team Parents who are new to AYSO.


  • List of Players and their Parents – Make a list of all players and include their name, parents’ name, eMail addresses and telephone numbers.It is best to have both parents/guardians names and cell numbers on this form. It is a good idea to put the parent as a contact in your cell phone as well. In case of an unexplained absence, you’ll quickly be able to call the parent. Always carry you cell phone with you. A player might miss a game because they have the wrong game time – Yikes!


  • Line-up Card– You’ll be responsible for making the initial line card for the coaches. This is easy. List all the players by uniform number (smallest to largest) onto the following pdf template. Add the team name and coaches name.Email this to the coach. They will use this every week and is a big help. The Team line card can be downloaded from your team page in Blue Sombrero. 


  • Team Roster – You’ll be responsible for making a team roster and snack schedule. Begin by listing the scheduled game date, location and time. Next add the team player that will be responsible for bringing snacks that day (numerical jersey order is a good place to start). It’s easier to combine the roster, game and snack schedule on the same form. 


  • Email/Text parents – Obtain a parent’s email address and send out a “Hey I’m the Team Parent” email as soon as you can. You will want to always keep parents informed of what’s going on. If the coach hasn’t done so already, be sure to let them know when practices are expected, how early they need to show up before the game, etc. Always include a signature at the bottom of your emails and always put your cell phone number. Parents won’t have to search for a previous email with your number – they can it expect it to accompany your email signature every time. Although most families have eMail accounts, not every family does. Remember to call parents who do not have eMail accounts with important dates and information.


  • Uniforms – Each parent or guardian is responsible to provide their player's uniform. Team parents need to list all the players’ names and their jersey number for the coaches. The coaches will be able to use this information when planning players on game day. Remind parents as to what color jersey the team is to wear for game day. Remember, Home teams play in Gold, Visiting Team plays in Black. Also, no jewelry is allowed on the field. This means no metal or plastic clips in the hair, or necklaces, chains, bracelets, earrings etc. Even if your player just had their ears pierced and they cry that they cannot take out their posts for ANY reason. Then they have a choice: Take out the posts and play, or leave the posts in and cheer for their team as a spectator.


  • Snacks: A team snack calendar is helpful. Parents should sign up for a game. Please keep in mind that our athletes need good food after their hard work.Snacks kids of all ages enjoy are: crackers, grapes, oranges, fruit snacks, jerky, applesauce or fruit cup (don’t forget the spoon), juice box, water or Gatorade. Older kids love sun flower seeds, nuts (check for food allergies first) and carrot sticks. You can get a feel for what the parents like their kids to have after just a few games. Please no candy or soda. 


  • Be Prepared to Help the Coach – Sometimes the coach may have a coaching conflict either at the practice or game. You may have to step in and
    • Practice with the team and help the Assistant Coach 
    • Lead warm ups before the coaches start drills


  • Order the Team Banner – Part of the fun of playing on a team is making up the team name. Don’t let the team and coach wait too long to determine a name. Ideally you want to have the banner ordered and received before the first game. Player's first names, Coach, Assistant Coach and Team Parent name. After you’ve ordered the banner, let each parent know what the cost per player is and collect for the banner. Most likely you will also be responsible for bringing the banner to each game.
  • Attend Practices and Games – Please make every effort to be at all practices and games. Usually the coach will provide team information such as any scheduling changes, time to meet prior to the game, etc. It’s easier for the Team Parent to hear this first hand and send an email reminder out to those parents who may have missed the practice. If you can’t make a practice or game, please let the coach know ahead of time and be sure to call him or her for any information that was given to parents so that you can send out an informational e-mail.


  • Opening Day Ceremonies -   Opening day is a lot of fun for the players. They are all excited because, for many, these will be their first official games. American Canyon AYSO always holds a parade (weather permitting). Teams will start lining up by 7:30 AM in front of the Senior Center and will be led by one of American Canyon's Fire Trucks. They will march with their banners down Elliot and turn Right onto Kimberley, turn into the Kimberley parking lot and line up around one of the soccer pitches.  Help remind parents to have their players come in game day uniform and arrive between 7:15 and 7:30. Remember there are hundreds of players who will take part in Opening Day. Have parents arrive early and park on side streets - Elliott and Kimberly will be closed off by 7 AM.


  •  Picture Day – You will need to coordinate picture day with the team. This includes receiving the picture packets to pass out to parents. Picture packets are available 1 week prior to Picture Day.  Ideally you will want to pass these out ahead of time but be sure to have extra on the day of pictures – parents will inevitably leave their form at home. It will be your responsibility to inform parents:
    • Which packages are available - if no order form is available
    • What sections they need to fill out
    • What the players need to wear for pictures (full uniform including cleats, shin guards)
    • Advise parents to arrive 30 minutes prior to pictures and indicate where everyone should meet. Pictures are usually taken in the north area of Kimberly Fields.  If you are new at Picture Day, enlist the help of the coach to determine the best meeting place and time. Once everyone has arrived, you will need to collect their order forms. Typically those who are taking extra pictures will be asked to take their photographs first. Individual pictures are usually first and then the team picture. Be sure to bring the banner with you for the team picture. 


  • Plan Team Party – There are tons of places you can have a team party. Some suggestions are:
    • Coach’s home or a team member’s home.
    •  Local amusement parks (party room at Scandia)
    • Bowling alley
    • Park
    • Pizza parlor – Round Table has a room that can be separated from the restaurant
    • Restaurant – Mi Zacatecas, Chevey's and Over the Top are great spots for team parties.


  • Purchase coach(es) gift(s) – Purchase the coach’s gift(s) at least two weeks prior to end of season. After you’ve purchased the gift, let each parent know what the cost per player is (minus the coach’s child of course).


  •  Don’t feel you have to go it alone. You can absolutely delegate some duties to other parents who are willing to help. 


  •  Soccer Parents of Girls Teams– If you have a team of all girls or a co-ed team, then you’ll get to make the hair ribbons. Don’t know how? Well it’s real easy. Purchase the small stretchy pony tail holders in black or any color that matches the team. Visit a fabric store such as Joanne’s and buy ribbons varying in size and style (usually 3 different types). When assembling the ribbons cut about 5 inches of ribbons and simply tie it in a knot around the pony tail holder. Alternate with the other ribbon of a different color and width. Next use a small accent ribbon such as white to finish the pattern. There are many types of ribbons and ones made specifically for soccer – please note those sell out fast so be ahead of the game and get them early on. An alternative to ribbons is using fabric. This is a less expensive way to achieve the similar results. Use fabric scissors that make a design when cut. Another type of ribbon that girls like is one that is about 2 feet long and has their name on one side in puff paint and some type of design on the other.



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