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Primary Soccer Season

AYSO Primary Play Soccer Season

AYSO offers registration starting April 17, 2017 for the 2017 Fall Primary Soccer Season. Everyone Plays®.” AYSO is an opportunity for every boy and girl to learn and play soccer, gain important life lessons and have a fun in a family environment based on AYSO’s six philosophies of Everyone Plays®, Balanced Teams, Open Registration, Positive Coaching, Good Sportsmanship and Player Development.

AYSO Primary Season attempts to place every player, regardless of their ability or experience with soccer, onto a balanced team of their peers. We limit the number of players that can be on a team so that every player may play 50 to 75% of every game. There are NO PLANKWARMERS in the AYSO Primary Season.

AYSO Primary season is based on age-appropriate short-sided teams and games. Short-sided soccer is about what is best for young soccer players. It's for AYSO coaches, referees, administrators, spectators, and anyone else concerned with the development of 5 to 12 year old soccer players.

Young soccer players need special consideration

    • They are children playing a child’s game.
    • They must be regarded as young children, not mini adults.
    • They are essentially self-oriented and relate naturally to one or two others, not to large groups.
    • Fun and activity factors must be a central part of a child-centered program.

Educators agree early learning experiences are the most important and produce the most retention

    • Most children cannot sustain prolonged activity.
    • They function best in suitable starts and stops (rest periods).
    • Concentration span is limited, so frequent changes of pace and activity are essential.

Children love to learn

    • They learn a great deal more when the ratio of teacher (coach) to student (player) is reduced.
    • With small numbers and the simple nature of the game, the best teacher is the game itself.
    • With fewer players on the field, each player gets more touches of the ball and has greater opportunity to change location in a fast-flowing, fluid game.
    • Playing small-sided allows players to make simpler decisions and develop an earlier, better understanding of organization of play.
    • Smaller fields mean more players are directly involved in play, creating increased levels of both concentration and interest.
    • The reduced field size encourages more shots on goal by all players, therefore more goals scored.

Residual benefits

    • Parents are introduced to the game in smaller, more understandable doses.
    • Small-sided soccer is a great place to train new referees.
    • The rest of the world is playing short-sided, and we are part of the soccer world.
AYSO adheres to the following matrix for team development t and age appropriate play. Fewer players son the field the more touches on the ball and the likelihood that your player will grow to love soccer.

DIVISION U6 U8 U10 U12 U14 U16 U19
Game Length

20 Minutes
2 x10 Minute Halves

40 minutes
2 x 20 Minute Halves

50 Minutes
2 x 25 Minute Halves

60 Minutes
2 x 30 Minute Halves

70 Minutes
2 x 35 Minute Halves

80 Minutes
2 x 40 Minute Halves

90 Minutes
2 x 45 Minute Halves

Players on Field 3 5 7 9 11 11 11
Minimum # of Players 2 3 5 6 7 7 7
Roster Limit 5 7 10 12 15 17 21
Goal Keeper No No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Referee Certification Regional
(Coaches referee)
Regional Regional Intermediate Intermediate Advanced Advanced
Assistant Ref Certification n/a n/a Regional
2 ARs/Game
2 ARs/Game
2 ARs/Game
2 ARs/Game
2 ARs/Game
Indirect Kicks
Penalty Kicks
No No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Preseason: Once/week
During Season: 35 Minutes before game

1 Hour/Week
Optional 2nd on Friday

2 x Week
60 Minutes each

2 x Week
60 Minutes each

2 x Week
90 Minutes each

2 x Week
90 Minutes each

2 x Week
90 Minutes each

Ball Size 3 3 4 4 5 5 5
Coaches: Coaches are volunteers to the league, and are typically a parent. AYSO provides both online as well as classroom and field practical training to all volunteers to ensure that they have the best knowledge available. We are the only national organization to be Accreditation by the NCACE (National Council of Accreditation for Coaching Education.)

For more information regarding AYSO's primary season, please contact a Region 1187 board member.

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