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Coaching children is a very rewarding experience. And coaching your own child's team can be one of the most rewarding experiences of all! Coaches are pivotal to having children get the AYSO experience. If Regions don't have enough coaches, registration is scaled back, and kids who want to play in AYSO are turned away.


Do you have little or no experience with soccer? No problem! AYSO will teach you based on the age level you are coaching. Unique age-appropriate coach training is one of AYSO's specialties. If you plan to be at your child's soccer practices and games, you'll also have time to be your child's coach.


To become an AYSO coach, you must be certified in the age level you are coaching. Certification takes three easy steps. First, fill out a volunteer form. Then either attend a short Safe Haven™ course in person or online. Lastly, you must attend a brief age-specific coaching course. It's only a few hours.


Coaches are essential to the game. They teach children soccer skills and help develop a healthy, positive attitude, teamwork and good sportsmanship. Coaching is a rewarding experience because you have the opportunity to build a child's self-esteem, help them learn new skills and just have a lot of fun.

Helpful links for American Canyon AYSO Coaches

Following are some resources you can use to help better manage your team and teach important soccer skills to your players:

2017 Coaches Training Schedule - Following is an updated list of current coaching classes ands sessions offered by Region 1187.

Division Date  LocationTime 
 6U June 10th      Kimberly Fields      8:30 AM to Noon
 8U June 10th Kimberly Fields 8:30 AM to 2 PM
 9U-12U     June 17th Kimberly Fields 8:30 AM to 3 PM
13U-18U *  

* See a Coach Administrator for Available training in Northern California.

Golden Gate Coach and Referee Advanced Training Camp

August 4th-6th, 2017
Palo Alto, California

Check out last years photos at

Coach Description - Please click on Volunteer Coach Description for more information about coaching responsibilities.

Hey Coach  - AYSO Coaches Newsletter

Hey Coach! is AYSO's weekly newsletter for coaches and other coaching positions. Every Tuesday, Hey Coach! will contain articles on coaching techniques, drills and other important news. Hey Coach! is also your opportunity to write in with any possible article suggestions.


To register for Hey Coach!, please use your AYSO ID (your eMail address and password) to log onto the following Newsletter site.

Line Up Card

AYSO now offers an online Line Up card for coaches to fill out once and use at every game.

Click on one of the following for the card and a How-To guide.
Coaches Line Up Card - Editable
How-To Guide for Coaches Line-Up Card

AYSO Play Guidelines

AYSO has implemented the following guidelines for Short-Sided games:

DIVISION U6 U8 U10 U12 U14 U16 U19
Game Length

20 Minutes
2 x10 Minute Halves

40 minutes
2 x 20 Minute Halves

50 Minutes
2 x 25 Minute Halves

60 Minutes
2 x 30 Minute Halves

70 Minutes
2 x 35 Minute Halves

80 Minutes
2 x 40 Minute Halves

90 Minutes
2 x 45 Minute Halves

Players on Field 3 5 7 9 11 11 11
Minimum # of Players 2 3 5 6 7 7 7
Roster Limit 5 7 10 12 15 17 21
Goal Keeper No No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Referee Certification Regional
(Coaches referee)
Regional Regional Intermediate Intermediate Advanced Advanced
Assistant Ref Certification n/a n/a Regional
2 ARs/Game
2 ARs/Game
2 ARs/Game
2 ARs/Game
2 ARs/Game
Indirect Kicks
Penalty Kicks
No No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Preseason: Once/week
During Season: 35 Minutes before game

1 Hour/Week
Optional 2nd on Friday

2 x Week
60 Minutes each

2 x Week
60 Minutes each

2 x Week
90 Minutes each

2 x Week
90 Minutes each

2 x Week
90 Minutes each

Ball Size 3 3 4 4 5 5 5


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